I&E 499

This course was the capstone class of the I&E certificate which focused on providing students the tools to discover entrepreneurial opportunities within an identified problem space. We listened to a variety of podcast sessions hosted by our professor Dr. Dinin while also reading articles and having discussions with entrepreneurs who are piloting their own ventures. Our main project within this class were two design sprints, one which we completed at the beginning of the class, and the other upon the classes conclusion. The first design sprint was used as a benchmark for our ability to scope out a venture, we had not done that work before in a group so we struggled, however within my team we were able to create a presentation showing a potential business opportunity with on campus storage. However within my second sprint group, we focused moreso on understanding our solution space, which lead to us providing a recommendation to look into the virtual fitness space with regards to personal training, as we believed that there were still untapped markets within that environment. (As shown in my artifact) Overall I enjoyed learning about how to discover entrepreneurial opportunities, and this course was a great way to cap off my I&E experience