Gastroschisis Project

This project focused on developing a low cost silo which could be used to treat gastroschisis in developing countries such as Uganda.

Edwards Lifesciences

For the summer of 2020 I worked within the Transfer Strategy Team at Edwards Lifesciences. During my time, I developed a Transfer Roadmap which could be used to manage and prioritize projects happening across multiple continents and business units along with other deliverables.

Hydroponics Independent Study

I worked to develop an autonomous hydroponic system that could sufficiently grow leafy greens such as lettuce.

Ford Motor Company

I spent the summer as a part of the Feature Management Team working on the Zone Lighting Feature. During my time I was able to get an in depth understanding of how the feature functions while also analyzing potential cost savings measures and novel use cases for the feature.

Piezoelectric Tile Independent Study

I worked in a team to develop a tile that converted kinetic energy to electrical energy.