About Me

Currently I am a first semester senior actively participating in Duke NSBE and Club Soccer along with other passion projects.

When I am asked the question, ‘Where are you from?”, I always hesitate before I answer. Do I say Houston where I was born, or Anchorage where I currently live, or do I talk about London which had the greatest impact on my life? Most times I end up saying “I’m from Houston” for convenience. However, the answer never really takes into consideration the magnitude of the winding sequence of events which have led me to where I am today. The strongest of these influences have been my parents who, while I was growing up, emphasized goal setting and time management, which developed into habits I still have to this day. For the first nine years of my life, I and my younger brother lived in Houston until my mother’s job required our family to move to London, England. My transition across continents was assuaged by my hobbies of playing soccer and reading, which allowed me to quickly integrate with the students at my new school. While there, I experienced four years of extreme growth by being exposed to many beliefs and cultures as we traveled to many other European and Asian countries. After living in the UK, my family moved back to Houston where I completed high school. While I was narrowing down what college I would attend in the fall, my family began our summer move to Anchorage, Alaska.

When making my college decision, I was looking for a university with a strong Biomedical Engineering program that was far from Texas and where I could develop new friendships. After much deliberation, I ultimately decided to attend Duke as it met the above criteria, and its small size made me feel that I could easily develop strong connections with my professors and peers. Although I initially came into college with the intent of majoring in Biomedical Engineering, I realized that I was less interested in the Biology and more interested in the application of engineering to biological problems. I then switched my major to Mechanical Engineering during the summer before my sophomore year. Then during my sophomore fall, I took an introductory mechanical engineering class called EGR 121 which made me realize that I also enjoyed creating and designing, so I decided then that I would also apply for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate. With a Mechanical Engineering degree, I plan on learning more about specific biotechnological systems through internships and experiences, so that I may be able to help modify and develop new products in the future. Through the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate, I hope that I can gain better insight into how to turn my ideas into action and products.

With the knowledge I will gain at Duke, I hope that I can translate it into a role where I am actively helping the environment while also designing innovative technologies. I understand that this desire is a far cry from biotechnology and mechanical engineering, however I believe that part of the college experience is finding what you are truly passionate about, and I am still searching for it. A little known fact about me is that I am an Eagle Scout, and along with my eagle project, I held three total conservation related projects all at the Don Greene Pocket Prairie in Houston Texas. I am passionate about keeping the world a habitable place for not just humans but all animals and I believe that soon there will be a strong demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly practices which are not currently observed. I hope that I can be at the forefront of designing new technologies which provide an increased utility to previous models while also being environmentally friendly in their development and production. For the next two and a half years, my goal is to try as many things as I can to reach my goals. My experience at Duke has been a winding road of ups and downs, yet I plan on moving slowly and methodically forward as I more clearly understand what I want to do in the future.